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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Reading for Education

Most teachers I know try to read for enjoyment in the summer as an escape from our busy and stressful school year.  Then there are a few of us-geeks who enjoy reading about our profession and building our knowledge base.  So for those of you geeks who are looking for a book about how to improve schools I would "lightly" suggest the book Leverage Leadership: Building Exceptional Schools. I have been reading it on my kindle. The target audience for this book is Administration, Superintendents, Principals and some lead teachers.  It discusses the steps and attitudes people in leadership should have in order to lead effectively.  The book uses real life experiences of Superintendents whose schools are not meeting the state requirements, meaning AYP.   It walks you  through some great concepts, ideas to try and helpful research to consider.  It can get a bit boring and dry in some areas.  I am about 50% through it and finding myself skimming and scanning through some parts of the book.  Have a great summer!


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