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Friday, June 15, 2012

Driven Schools

One of the many keys to a successful school is having teachers who are providing quality instruction.  In our profession a teacher who teaches strictly from a "manual" will not provide students with the tools to be successful.  An administration that allows teachers to remain in their comfort zones of teacher manuals and workbook pages and myriad of worksheets is also setting children and teachers up for failure.  Children do not learn from filling out worksheets!  It's boring and has little value to the learning process!!!  That old practice is not applicable in our fast moving, high-tech and otherwise progressive society.  I've heard teachers and even school board members start complaining about modern education with this sentence..."When I was in school....."  Guess what?  There is a reason our society and country have not been able to keep up with the world of academic progress.  It's a challenge to find solid teachers who are able to connect with children in a way that will help them to achieve in school and in life. 

Another adage: "There's more than one way to crack a nut".  Teachers who only teach or provide information in one way are providing a disadvantage rather than a successful opportunity for children to grow.  So...get cracking and be an awesome teacher.

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