3rd Grade Adventure

Welcome to 3rd Grade.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Kaleidoscope Workshop

My earlier post did not display very well. I was updating it from my Kindle Fire. For two days I attended many workshops that have inspired me and awakened the creative side of me. Last night, while watching the Broncos vs. Patriots game, I worked on three new "Word Wall" bulletin boards and activities. Also I have decided to make some small changes our daily schedule to make room and "time" for more Writing and Math opportunities. Last week a new "work station" was introduced. It's our Word and Letter station. It has a basket of flash cards, rubber letter stamps, letter blocks, paper and pencils. It's a way to encourage more writing and less picture making during this block of instruction time. Have no worries, the children have plenty of time for free and creative doodle and picture making. Lastly, I heard of a great new way to set-up a behavior chart and manage classroom behavior. At present we have a chart of Blue, Green, Yellow and Red. Everyone has a wooden star with their name. Each day the child begins on "blue". We say that "our stars are in the sky". If poor behavior persists after warnings are given then a child can "drop their star". This "new" idea has another direction for children to go for good behavior ...Off Into Space. Any child can move their star up for helping others, being kind and/or modeling respectful behavior. It is a more positive and proactive way of helping children make good choices in the classroom.