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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Shift in Direction

It seems my trend of updating my blog is a yearly event.  Once school begins each year and life takes hold of my brains cells, not much time or energy is left to blogging.  I created this blog to be a place where people could readily find educational news and popular concepts.  

I'm changing my direction to chronicle my new position at our school.   In the past two years I have been our District's Reading Specialist and Interventionist.  Due to budget concerns and a possible consolidation with another school district next year, our School Board shifted me back into the classroom.  The 3rd Grade classroom.

At first I was overwhelmed with thoughts and feelings about the change.  It took me about three days to get my mind wrapped around it and then I was off to planning and getting inspired.  The classroom I moved into was once occupied by a wonderful, top-notch teacher. The expectation is already high for me from the start.

So, with that being said, I plan to use this blog for more than just educational news and trends.  It's for my students and their families to get information about our class, assignments, projects and important information. 

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