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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sentence Starter Idea

Our classroom is ever-evolving and at many different rediness abilities.  Some students are still working on letter recognition and letter sounds.  Some students are ready for complex reading opportunities and writing skills development.  While at a local "dollar" store I found blank, connected party flags.  I bought them not knowing what I would do with them.  Then one night it occured to me to use them as simple sentence starters.  First I cut them in 3 flag sections.  On each flag I wrote one sight word.  For example: I like the, They saw a, and They like to.  The flags are hanging on a clothes line we have hanging from our ceiling.  As I model a sentence or help the children write their own we refer to the choices the student has.  It has worked great for our "Word and Letter" center.  At present time I am having trouble uploading pictures of this.  Our home internet speed isn't the greatest.  I hope to get the pictures of these sentence flags posted soon.

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