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Thursday, September 29, 2011

September wrap-up!

It's hard to believe that its October already.  I am so proud of our kids and the great direction the class is taking.  Their brains are little sponges and I get really excited when it's clear they have learned something.  September was a busy month and we're not slowing down for October. 

We have had three  special group projects just in the past two weeks that hopefully they will remember.  We had our "Apple Week".  That consisted of learning about fractions, graphing and counting, how apples grow and ,of course, making apple butter.  Knowing we (America's Public Schools) are moving to a universal set of learning standards, I thought I would use this project and future projects as a spring board to test myself to see if I could "teach" to most of the Reading/language and Math standards for Kindergarten. 

One of the big ideas of the new standards is placing the accountability of good instruction on the teachers rather than the "learning responsibility" of the student.  Students will be asked Who? What? Why? a lot and then expected to provide proof or a solution to "problems".  Good teachers show and model children how to find the answer rather than know the answer.

As for my teacher friends...I'm still working on my three lesson plans for you titled, Apple Core, Algebra Chain and It's Fall, How do you know?  Stay tuned.

Parents of my students...Our classroom newsletter will be coming home soon with cute pictures of our activities.

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