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Friday, June 10, 2011

Our Kindergarten Room

These picture were taken June 6, 2011.  Our mobile classroom is being replaced by a newer model.  All of the contents were moved into the main building last week.  A lot of it was placed in our room. 
I finally moved all of my stuff into the room also.  It is full.  However, I used this time to clean and sort through all my teaching supplies.  I de-cluttered by half; gave some away, threw some away and brought unnecessary things home.  It was a good reminder about how much money a teacher spends on their own supplies.  I am guessing that I spent about $500.00 on supplies, crafts, projects and teaching materials just last year.  This profession will nickel and dime you!!  I love it though.  Keep tuned in to see the progress.

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